Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Porcelain Goddess.

We got the blood test back today from the clinic, and as you may have guessed, it was positive.  So my first doctor's appointment will be January 21st.  It sounds so far away!  Today was a day of firsts.  I started taking my prenatal vitamins, which are like horse pills.  With technology now a days (I know vitamins don't really have much to do with technology, but for my sake let's pretend they do), do they really need to be that big?  Really?!  REALLY?!  All I know is, I better have the most luxurious hair, and the longest nails EVER.  I imagine I will look like psychic Sylvia Browne towards the end of this pregnancy.  My other big first, becoming BFF with the porcelain goddess.  I am not quite sure if it was "morning sickness", or because my stubborn ass didn't take food with my prenatal vitamins like it suggests on the box.  All I know is, orange juice burns when it goes up the elavator.

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