Sunday, September 11, 2011

Welcome to the world, Breahna Aharon...

Okay, so hopefully this isn't too boring or long, and you can make it through Breahna's birth story:

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011:

    I was 5 days past my due date, and scheduled for an induction on Friday, Septemeber 9th (I had already came to terms that I was going to have to be induced because my baby was just as stubborn as me and didn't want to come on her own). It was 5 a.m. and Nate had just left to go to work.  I was laying in bed about to fall back asleep when all of a sudden I felt like I had kinda "piddled" myself.  I didn't assume much because (TOO MUCH INFORMATION ALERT!!!) I had a lot of discharge towards the end of the pregnancy which made me feel the same way at times.  So I got up to go to the bathroom,
and all of a sudden...BAM...I started GUSHING liquid.  I was like: "OH SHIT!" and ran to the toilet.  So I am sitting there just gushing liquid and I thought about how I needed to get my phone which was back on the night stand.  So, I said "Fuck it" and got up, waddle my way to the night stand (still pretty much like a fountain going on in my crotch) and got my phone to call Nate and tell him to turn around and come home.  Nate was home within 5-8 minutes, which was enough time to see the aftermath of my gushing all over the bathroom floor, and semi on our bedroom carpet.  Being the brave little toaster that he is, Nate cleaned up the mess and assured me everything was alright.
    I am advid on having the house cleaned/picked-up before I go to bed at night, because I am OCD and HATE waking up to anything messy.  I always wash what little dishes are in the sink, and pick up whatever it is around the house that needs to be done.  Well, I ended up leaving dinner's dishes in the sink the night before because I thought it would give me something to do the next day (I was trying to keep myself occupied in the days leading up to my induction to keep myself busy and not stress). I also didn't shave my legs in the shower that night because I thought it was something else I could do later (along with some laundry, and other things).  So, Nate ended up washing the dishes (on his own, I didn't have to ask, so he must know me well enough to know that I couldn't just leave the dishes, haha) while I shaved my legs in the shower.  Mind you, this whole time I was still GUSHING liquid.  When they say your water breaks, it's not like a one time deal, you are like a frickin' fountain
beverage drink dispenser at the local 7-11.  I also had to OF COURSE blow dry and straighten my hair before going (I had to tell myself there would be time to do my make-up later).  Some of you may be like: "WTF!  Who does/thinks that!"...well, if you knew me at all, you know I do. :)  So it was about 5:50 a.m. when we finally left the house (I had the hospital bags packed for like a MONTH already and had the carseat all waiting on the dining room table).  I remember the nurses telling me to make sure I ate breakfast before coming in for my induction because it would be awhile before eating, so Nate and I had to OF COURSE stop off at McD's.  They didn't open til 6 a.m., so we waited in the drive through for like 5 minutes, haha.  Best part of the story right there folks!  Haha.
    We get to the Labor & Delivery at the hospital and wait so I can get a cervical check to make sure it was indeed my water that had broke (because having a girl with a towel wrapped around her waist gushing clear liquid isn't a sign).  As soon as the nurse tried to open up my legs, I gushed (not blushed, GUSHED, haha), and she was like: "Okay, well obviously there is no need to go any further", BAHAHAHAHAHA, but DUH!  Haha.  I showed her.  Silly rabbit...So she checked me for dialtion, and guess what?!  Yup, that's right....0% dilated.  OF COURSE!  Why would I have any progress 5 days after my due date?!  So they admit me, and let me know they are going to give me a few hours on my own to see if I naturally progress before starting anything.  I am going to say it was sometime between 8-10 a.m. (my mind is VERY fuzzy about times of things because it was SUCH A LONG DAY) when they checked me and  noticed that my body was NOT going to do this on it's own, so they started the pitocin.  I was aware that contractions with this medicine would be stronger than any natural contraction, but WOW, I was sooo not prepared.  I ended up with a pretty high dosage of pitocin before I coudln't take the pain anymore.  I ended up getting some Phenergan to help with the pain (I did NOT want an epidural yet), and this is why I do not remember the hours between like 2-7 p.m. very much.  So, I end up dozing off and on, and repeating myself A LOT to Nate due to the fact I could not remember telling him anything, haha.  When I do finally wake up, I decide it's time for my epidural.  I could
NOT tolerate the pain any longer.  So the epi goes in, and I end up only feeling it on the right side of my body.  I probably lay in bed for an hour trying to evenly distribute the medicine, and the whole time I have this EXCRUCIATING pain in my left side.  I keep telling the nurse, who finally gets the anesthesiologist, and he gives me ANOTHER epi.  This time, it seems to work on both sides.  They check me and I am finally at 6 cm dilated.  Within the hour, I went from a 6 to 7 cm dilated, and I thought FINALLY things were getting going.  Boy was I wrong. My last epidural lasted on both sides MAYBE an hour, and then the pain in my left side comes back a bazillion times stronger.  I think by this  time it's like between 10-11 p.m., and they check me.  I am at 8 cms, my epi seems to be running out, and I have no options left for pain except to deal with it.  I wanted nothing more than to get up and try to walk this pain off, but they wouldn't let me since I had an epidural.  I remember getting SO MAD with them and telling them I know I could walk since I know my epidural was wearing off.  But, there was no changing their mind.
Thursday, September 8th, 2011:

    It was somewhere between 1-3 a.m. when I remembering having this uncontrollable feeling that I needed to go to the bathroom.  The nurse told me to "just go" since I had a catheter in, but I assured her I needed to PUSH and not go to the bathroom.  She told me how I was only 9+ cm and that there
was still a "lip" on my cervix.  By this time I was sooo exhausted, tired, frustrated, you name it and so I told her I wanted to start pushing.  She said
if that is what I wanted, then we would do it, but it wasn't going to be easy.  So my pushing saga begins.  OH...MY...GOD.  I have never worked SO HARD
for ANYTHING in my whole life as I did just to get that "lip" gone enough to even start to try and push for this baby.  It took a few hours of me pushing, but I had FINALLY done it, and was ready to now push for the life of my daughter.  Mind you by now, I can feel my legs, and feel everything.  I have this horrible pain in my left side, and they tell me the only way I can get rid of it is to push the baby out.  I honestly did not think I had the energy in me to do this next step in the game.  I was crying and yelling and just so exhausted.  They kept telling me I could do it, and that I had no other option (mind you I kept telling them at this point I wanted a C-Section, haha).  The nurse told me that her shift was over at 7 a.m., and that we WOULD have this baby before she left.  I remember at one point looking at the clock and it being like 6:15 a.m....I told the nurse she only had 45 minutes left until her shift was over and that this baby was STILL not here yet.  Apparently I had pushed enough that they could see the baby's head by this time.  Poor Nate ended up watching the whole thing!  Haha.  He had said how he didn't want to watch down below (and I don't blame him, I didn't even want to see, haha), but I assume that when the nurse told "daddy to look and he could see his daughter's head", he couldn't help himself.  So from there on out with every contraction I had, I pushed.  I remember the contractions being so close
together I barely had time to take a breath in before I had to push again.  I remember pushing so hard that when I pushed I felt even though I was pushing as hard as I could, it didn't feel like enough to push the baby out.  The nurse who started with me the night before came in at 7 a.m.m and the nurses joked that Breahna wanted to wait until she came back before she made her debut.  Even though the other nurse's shift was over, I think she was determined to see this through with me (I mean she was the one who had to listen to me yell and bitch the WHOLE time).  So from 7 a.m. I had 2 nurses by my side who kept encouraging me and telling me to push through the pain.  FINALLY at 7:25 a.m., Breahna Aharon was born.  I have never felt so much pain relief/happiness at one time in my life!  They put Bre on my chest,
and I rubbed her back along with the nurse until she started to cry.  Nate came to my side, and we just held each other crying and saying how we had our daughter. It was literally the most amazing feeling I had ever felt in my life.  The worst part was having to lay there while everyone else got to see and touch my daughter while I had to be inspected and all that jazz.  I remember just looking over at the newborn station and smiling at the sight of my husband with his daughter for the first few minutes of her life.  It was such an incredible moment to capture in my mind.  I will NEVER forget it.  She was so perfect, and is so perfect, and I am so blessed to not only having her, but an AMAZING husband as well. 

I am going to sum up this last part since everything else was SOOO long.  We ended up going home on Saturday, September 10th since you have to stay 48 hours after deliveryat the hospital on base.  Pretty much my whole stay in the hospital was spent lying down in bed due to horrible headaches I got from an apparent "nick" in my spine with my epi.  They ended up doing a blood patch to fix it, which I believe is slowly working, but I am still keeping an eye out on it.  We are home, and I hope that I never have to go through that kind of an experience in my life ever again.  I will say if you asked me at the time if it was all worth it, I would have angerly said no.  But now, as I look down at this little miracle that my husband helped me have, I will tell you yes.  I have wanted this child even before she was thought of, and nothing else I will receive in life will be anything compared to her.  And I now leave you with some photos...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

40 weeks...

So I am once again late on this post.  I am STILL pregnant (yay, not.)  Unless this baby decides to come within the next few days, I will be getting induced on Friday, since I will be exactly 41 weeks then (oh em gee, wtf, who is pregnant for THIS long and WHY, JESUS, WHY!?!?!).  I am UBER nervous about this because I have no idea what to expect.  And, that is all I have to say for now since nothing else interesting is going on.  Adios.

Monday, August 29, 2011

39 weeks...

...and I am certain that this baby is going to stay inside of me until she is 18 and then pop out and go to college.  Her due date is in like 4 days (not including today) and there is no sign that she is wanting to come into this world anytime soon.  I know I don't need "signs" and that she can just come whenever, but still.  I am SO over being pregnant.  I am over the pains, and the sleepless nights and hating the world.  I know I will probably miss being pregnant when I'm not, but as of now, stick a fork in me, I...AM...DONE. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

38 weeks...

Guess who has two thumbs and is a bad blogger?  THIS GIRL!  Anyways, yeah, 38 weeks and Bre is showing no sign of wanting to come into this world anytime soon.  With everything evil happening in the world, can I really blame her?  No...but I don't care.  Haha.  SHE DOES NOT HAVE A CHOICE!  If I have to live here, so does she.  I got my test results back and everything is NEGATIVE.  The doctor I talked with said I had a "boring pregnancy and everything was perfect".  Psssssh.  I made the comment on how it felt like the baby was never going to come and probably be stubborn and come after her due date, and the doctor told me: "It's looking like it".  WHO SAYS THAT?!!!  Whore.  I don't get why this baby does not want to come out and stretch her little arms and legs.  I mean, she HAS to be cramped.  Fetal position is nice and all, but how long can it really be that comfortable?  Nate is out in the field right now, which means sleepless nights for me (if I could even have more sleepless nights than I already do). Side note, Snickers has been stalking me all day, and right now is no different.  She is just sitting here on the floor staring at me, and to be honest, it's kinda freaking me out.  Weird ass dog.  Anyways, yeah.  I have like 12 days 'til my due date, and I dunno.  I know the baby will come when she is ready, and I still have 12 days, and babies come without any warning sometimes, but DAMN GINA!  I am ready now!  Well not really, because the thought of pushing a watermelon out of my hoohah scares the bajeebus out of me, but....if every other woman in the world can do it, than so can I [insert Rosie the Riveter image here]!  I am however over the extreme upper back pain that can only be resolved laying down flat, the stretching and pulling feeling that the skin on my belly has, the not being able to clean or do pretty much anything else without feeling exhausted, and pretty much everything else associated with being pregnant.  So 12 days...(in the words of Chris Brown)...LEGGO

Monday, August 15, 2011

37 weeks.

Gah.  I am getting REALLY BAD at remembering this blog!  Anyways, not really much is going on.  I went to my OB appointment today and ended up having high blood pressure.  So I had to get blood drawn, and starting tomorrow I have to pee into a container for 24 hours.  I am also on bed rest for awhile.  I will get to talk to a doctor about the results Friday.  I am sooo read for this baby to come out, and I am all for her coming early, but not on a bad note.  So we will see.  Nate is gone in the field for the next 2 weeks, so I am a lone wolf in all this right now.  We'll see...I will post more later this week with the results.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

36 weeks!

...AKA 4 weeks to go!  I know 4 weeks isn't that long to go, but it sure as hell seems like it right now.  Especially when my days are dragging by.  I don't sleep at all anymore during the night, so basically my rest comes in the form of a daytime nap.  Blah.  My upper back is sore ALL THE TIME, and I get exhausted from doing nothing!  And guess who is back to peeing 24-7?!  This girl.  I know that once Bre is here I won't be getting much sleep, but at least I know the sleep I do get will be able to be with me SLEEPING ON MY BELLY!  I miss it soooo much, and am sooo excited about being able to do that again soon.  So, I am starting to go to the doctor's 3 times a week now.  WOOT...not.  Once a week for my weekly OB visit, and then twice a week for my no stress test (NST).  It is going to be a hassle, but whatever it takes for her to be healthy I guess.  Speaking of doing things for her, next week I have to switch from Lovenox (which is one shot a day), to Heparin (which is 2 shots a day).  Reason being that Heparin can be reversed with medicine, and Lovenox cannot be (so I can get an epidural, or if I need surgery or whatever).  Oh joys.  Who is jealous of me now?!  No takers?  Well, poop.  Meh...I guess that is it for now.  Until next time, this is miserable me signing out...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

35 weeks...

Wows.  Well as of today I am 35 weeks along with only 33 days to go.  Where the EFF has time gone...seriously?!  Between having to roll off my bed and/or couch, my left leg feeling restless in the morning, the upper back pain, Bre deciding that her foot just HAS to be up in my rib all the time and the constant urge to pee all the time again...I am doin' just peachy keen...not.  I know it is still too early for me to say this, but...I AM READY FOR THIS BABY TO BE OUT OF ME!!!  I am so completely miserable right now, and I still have 5 weeks to go!  It is only going to get worse from here!  I can't lay flat anymore, or even somewhat elevated like I was because then I have the hardest time breathing or catching my breath.  Last night I had to sleep pretty much sitting up, which let me tell you, is NOT comfortable or fun.  I guess that is it for my bitching...for now...