Saturday, August 6, 2011

36 weeks!

...AKA 4 weeks to go!  I know 4 weeks isn't that long to go, but it sure as hell seems like it right now.  Especially when my days are dragging by.  I don't sleep at all anymore during the night, so basically my rest comes in the form of a daytime nap.  Blah.  My upper back is sore ALL THE TIME, and I get exhausted from doing nothing!  And guess who is back to peeing 24-7?!  This girl.  I know that once Bre is here I won't be getting much sleep, but at least I know the sleep I do get will be able to be with me SLEEPING ON MY BELLY!  I miss it soooo much, and am sooo excited about being able to do that again soon.  So, I am starting to go to the doctor's 3 times a week now.  WOOT...not.  Once a week for my weekly OB visit, and then twice a week for my no stress test (NST).  It is going to be a hassle, but whatever it takes for her to be healthy I guess.  Speaking of doing things for her, next week I have to switch from Lovenox (which is one shot a day), to Heparin (which is 2 shots a day).  Reason being that Heparin can be reversed with medicine, and Lovenox cannot be (so I can get an epidural, or if I need surgery or whatever).  Oh joys.  Who is jealous of me now?!  No takers?  Well, poop.  Meh...I guess that is it for now.  Until next time, this is miserable me signing out...

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