Friday, February 25, 2011

13 weeks!

Mmm...peaches.  That is now the size of the baby.  Haha.  Okay so, my night time headaches have officially gone away (YAY!).  I now find that I get dizzy if I don't eat a lot through out the day, I am guessing due to low blood sugar.  IT'S SO HARD TO EAT SO MUCH!  I am not used to it.  I am going from eating like 1 meal (maybe 2)a day, to like 3 full course meals, PLUS eating in between.  Ugh!  And I forget to eat, not like my meals, but in between, but OH DON'T YOU WORRY, my body doesn't let me forget.  I go on Tuesday for my next OB check up.  I am hoping all is well with baby.  Every time I go, I am just nervous until I hear the heartbeat and get an "OK" from the doc.  The good thing about being 13 weeks is I am pretty much out of my 1st trimester.  Hello 2nd trimester, you are now my new bff!  Hmmm...I just forgot what I was going to type...ugh!  Stupid preggo memory!!!  OH YEAH!  Haha.  The other good thing is, I didn't really gain any weight (maybe 1 or 2 lbs) my 1st trimester which leaves me with my 25-30 lbs to gain the rest of these months.  If I do it healthy and how I want, I am looking at gaining no more than  4-6 lbs a month.  I think that is the right math, haha.  I have like 6 months 6 x 4 = 24...yeah okay I am right.  YAY for me!  Haha.  Sadly, lately, ice cream has gotten the best of me.  I need to watch it!  I do not want to plump up because of this pregnancy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

12 weeks!

So I am about 4 days late with this post, my bad! :)  Anyways, I am now officially 12 weeks, or as I like to think, 3 months preggo!  It's so crazy, because as I look back, these 3 months seemed to go by quick!  I am happy to be almost in my 2nd trimester, because that means chances for a miscarriage lessen, and so do some of my pregnancy symptoms (hopefully).  My night time headaches are finally going away, but now due to weather changing, I have sinuses.  Ugh!  So now every morning and every night I have this pressure of stuffiness in my head.  It's definitely a better feeling than the headaches I had, but still makes me feel blah.  Erm...I guess that is all I have to report on right now.  I am hoping that within the next few weeks I start to see a "bump" so I can stop feeling fat.  That is all. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

11 weeks!

So...I am a few days behind.  Friday was the baby's 11 week birfday (you read that correctly my friends), but laziness got the best of me (as usual).  I have also decided that in order for me to have more interesting posts, I should stop posting so much baby mumbo jumbo on FB (facebook), so I can stop double posting.  Meh.  So baby is 11 weeks, and I FINALLY got to see it on an ultrasound after making a very exciting trip to the ER.  More graphically, when I wiped there was a good amount of blood, which is not good.  Nate ended up having to come home from work early, and our 2 hour journey began.  The waiting room is always the devil.  It's like unless your arm was dangling by a vein, then you are fine.*WARNING*This may turn into some TMI (too much information), but I promise it will trail off sometime in this blog and go back to normal.  Haha.  So once in the room (after once again peeing in a cup, which seems to be an on going thing) a nurse came in and tried to find the heartbeat with a doppler.  The dumb bia obviously wasn't aware that babies do not always rise above the pelvic bone at such early weeks.  She was trying to doppler my "pouch" and wasn't getting anything.  She said:"Have you had trouble finding the heartbeat before?"...NO YOU DUMB B****!  I told her that my doctor had the doppler lower since the baby was lower.  Who does she think she is scaring me with not finding the heartbeat?!  Right as I was about to freak out, the ER doctor came in with the ultrasound, and right away found the baby.  Does anyone want to guess how low he had the wand?!  I'm sorry that it took a man to find something on a woman!  WHAT...THE...EFF!  He showed us the heartbeat, and let us listen to it.  Said it was healthy, and was like there is your healthy baby.  I literally just kept telling the baby: "Thank you for being alive baby!"  Haha.  Apparently I have a UTI (urinary tract infection), which is a bladder infection.  It's odd because there is symptoms that most of the time go along with this (burning, itching, smells, the whole gross 9 yards), and I have NONE of those.  So, I dunno.  Medicine it is, and we'll see how this works out.  In other news (see, I kept my promise from above, yay!), I am finally getting my Sylvia Brown nails, but my left pointer finger nail is like bending down as it grows.  Haha, so I have to like paint my nail at an angle.  It's something that I don't find odd, since I am weird and things like this always happens to me.  I need summer to be here ASAP so I can lay out and tan.  How do you not let a tanaholic tan?!  HMMM?!  It's LUDICROUS (guess what song is in my head now?! heh.)  Due to my many "narcoleptic" naps, I also haven't played video games in days, and I think I am missing them.  Bleh.  Speaking of, I used to have a teacher in high school named Mr. Bleh.  He was awesome, and let me get away with murder pretty much.  I once got an "A" on a paper that I wrote on tanning.  Haha, yup, you read that right, tanning.  My senior year, I could have graduated early, but I decided to stay the second half and just take elective classes.  Mr. Bleh's class was called "Into the Wild", which was a mixture of literature and actual outside nature (his two loves supposedly).  Anyways, he would take us outside randomly and have us write in our journals about nature.  I decided since it was such a nice day out, that I was going to lay on the bench and tan.  And then later I wrote some BS about it, and VIOLA!  Haha.!  I know.  I will now leave this super long random blog with a picture of the ultrasound, and then a drawing a did to help you see that I think the "baby's face" looks like a jester's face.  Haha.

*click on image to enlarge it*

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mt. Dew = the devil...

...and I have sold my soul. (eep!)  So basically I wanted to NOT drink any pop (soda for you non-northerners) while preggo, except for the few occasional slip know.  Mainly due to me not gaining any additional weight that I do not need to gain (I did after all work my ass off to lose 30 + lbs before Nate came home from his last deployment).  WELLL...(if you know who Antoine Dodson is...think of that being said like him, heh) apparently Mt. Dew (any soda with caffeine I am guessing) is the cure all to the headaches I have been getting EVERY NIGHT.  I am sure you all are like: "But Ashley, you are allowed to take Tylenol!".  No.  I have only taken Tylenol once during this pregnancy and coincidence or not, I had some spotting the next day, so I am not going to take anymore chances!  I am mad about this whole headache thing though, and I don't get why I get them.  Is this my punishment from the pregnancy world since I don't have any morning sickness?!  DAMN YOU PREGNANCY GODS....DAMN YOU!!!  I have also began to lose my appetite around dinner time as well.  Well not so much lose it, but NOTHING sounds good.  During the day I can eat whatever, and things sound good, but come 5 p.m. and later bring on the headaches and nothing sounding good! WOOT!  Not.  Oh!  So, it's the part of the show where we share a fun fact about Ashley (cue music)!  I have this thing where if I am talking, or talking to someone else and they say certain words, I start singing songs in my head.  Haha.  Anyone else as weird as I am and do this?  It's like I have a full blown musical going on in my head 24/7!

Friday, February 4, 2011

10 weeks!

So today marks 10 weeks for our lil' cupcake!  We got to hear the heart beat on Wednesday.  It...was...AMAZING!  The doctor put the little doppler towards the middle of my stomach down by my pelvic bone, and viola!  There was this little heart beat that Nate compares to a choo-choo train. Ha ha, if you ask him, he will even make the noise for you.  And then the doctor moved the doppler to my right side to hear my heart beat so we could compare.  It's soooo crazy!  Right then and there it all hit me!  Growing inside me is a PERSON that Nate and I created together!  What could be more special and magical than that?!  I know that the next time I am going to feel this way is when I first hold the baby after it's born, and I cannot wait!  Soo...while typing this all, I called and got an appointment for an ultrasound made.  Guess what date?  FEBRUARY 14th...Valentine's Day!  What could be a better present that day?!  And, listen to this, the lady was like: "Are you ready for the instructions?"...and I was like: "Uhh...yeah..."...apparently at 1:15 p.m. I have to go pee, and between then and 1:45 p.m. I have to drink 32 ounces (4 glasses) of water, and then guess what?!  I CANNOT GO PEE AT ALL until at least 2:45 p.m. (when my appointment is) or later.  WHAT...THE...FUCK!  Ha ha, the lady was like you are going to be full and miserable!  Um....I can't pee for at least an hour or so?!  They are aware that this seems impossible, right?!  Ooooh man.  This baby better be doing flips and tricks when I see it!