Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mt. Dew = the devil...

...and I have sold my soul. (eep!)  So basically I wanted to NOT drink any pop (soda for you non-northerners) while preggo, except for the few occasional slip know.  Mainly due to me not gaining any additional weight that I do not need to gain (I did after all work my ass off to lose 30 + lbs before Nate came home from his last deployment).  WELLL...(if you know who Antoine Dodson is...think of that being said like him, heh) apparently Mt. Dew (any soda with caffeine I am guessing) is the cure all to the headaches I have been getting EVERY NIGHT.  I am sure you all are like: "But Ashley, you are allowed to take Tylenol!".  No.  I have only taken Tylenol once during this pregnancy and coincidence or not, I had some spotting the next day, so I am not going to take anymore chances!  I am mad about this whole headache thing though, and I don't get why I get them.  Is this my punishment from the pregnancy world since I don't have any morning sickness?!  DAMN YOU PREGNANCY GODS....DAMN YOU!!!  I have also began to lose my appetite around dinner time as well.  Well not so much lose it, but NOTHING sounds good.  During the day I can eat whatever, and things sound good, but come 5 p.m. and later bring on the headaches and nothing sounding good! WOOT!  Not.  Oh!  So, it's the part of the show where we share a fun fact about Ashley (cue music)!  I have this thing where if I am talking, or talking to someone else and they say certain words, I start singing songs in my head.  Haha.  Anyone else as weird as I am and do this?  It's like I have a full blown musical going on in my head 24/7!

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