Monday, February 21, 2011

12 weeks!

So I am about 4 days late with this post, my bad! :)  Anyways, I am now officially 12 weeks, or as I like to think, 3 months preggo!  It's so crazy, because as I look back, these 3 months seemed to go by quick!  I am happy to be almost in my 2nd trimester, because that means chances for a miscarriage lessen, and so do some of my pregnancy symptoms (hopefully).  My night time headaches are finally going away, but now due to weather changing, I have sinuses.  Ugh!  So now every morning and every night I have this pressure of stuffiness in my head.  It's definitely a better feeling than the headaches I had, but still makes me feel blah.  Erm...I guess that is all I have to report on right now.  I am hoping that within the next few weeks I start to see a "bump" so I can stop feeling fat.  That is all. :)

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  1. i thought you totally forgot about this blog,lol. but Yay to being almost in your 2nd trimester! AND KEEP POSTING!! lol