Friday, May 13, 2011

24 weeks/6 months!

So, for those of you that didn't know, hitting 24 weeks is a MAJOR milestone.  Why?  Because...if the baby HAD to be born right now, it has a HIGH rate of surviving outside the womb.  So being 24 weeks makes me very thankful and happy!  Apparently, 24 weeks means I am now 6 months as well.  I read somewhere that ALL TOGETHER, you are pregnant for like 10 months (I am guessing this includes the whole time from conception and all that jazz), so...yeah.  I feel like these past few weeks I haven't grown very much (belly wise), which worries me.  Nate always tells me how he can see me growing.  And a lot of people keep commenting on how "small" I am, which also worries me.  When I went for my 20 week visit, I was exactly on track and the right size as I should be, so we will see.  I go back to the high risk doctor late June.  I go for my monthly doctor visit next week I think...hmmm..need to check calendar to make sure.  I know every woman is different, and so is body size, so every woman carries different.  I am just a nervous nelly I guess.  I take it as a compliment that many people don't think  I am very big, but then at the same time, my mommy-ness (yes, I just invented a new awesome word) kicks in, and makes me worry that Bre is growing right.  Only time will tell I guess...

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