Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Appointment time...

...so I just got back from my 13 week appointment with the doctor.  Everything is rising how it should, and the baby's heart beat was 161 where it needs to be.  I left the office feeling good and happy that all is well.  AFTER I get home, I get a call from the doctor saying how she had looked over my 12 week ultrasound (I had told her how we had the bleeding scare, and how I still have some dry blood from time to time show up) and she said that my placenta is covering my cervix.  Joy.  This does happen, and it can move as my pregnancy progresses.  If not though, I will most likely end up on bed rest towards the end of the pregnancy and have to have a cesarean section.  This also means no kind of sexual activity until my 20 week ultrasound...another joy.  Blah.  And my grandmother, mother, and aunts all have this blood disorder called Factor 5 Leiden which has to do with abnormal blood clotting.  I told them about this at my first appointment, and apparently even though they took ALL that blood from me, they didn't test for it or something?  So now I get to go back and get some more blood work done so I can see about that.  Basically, a happy visit turned into a blah day, and now I just feel like these doctors are dumb.

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