Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have to do what?!

So, yesterday I got my blood results back and found out that I do indeed have Factor V Leiden.  Joy.  I always thought if I had it, no big deal because no one in my family has to take anything for it unless you get a blood clot.  Well...I never factored into the equation that I am pregnant, so...yeah.  Turns out, that I have to be put on a blood thinner (Lovenox), which is taken by injection.  So on top of the nurse telling me yesterday that I had this blood disorder, she then went onto saying how I was going to need to come in this morning so they could teach me how to inject myself every day.  I stopped her right there, and was like: "  You mean like put medicine into myself with a needle?", and she said yes.  Haha, WOW.  Talk about insane in my brain!  This also makes me a "high risk pregnancy", so now I get to have my ultrasound rescheduled so I can go to this other hospital in Topeka (like an hour away), and they will do it there so they can check on the baby.  I am kinda bummed because I have to wait to see when the appointment is for.  The anatomy scan was on April 22nd, but now who knows!  Anyways, while the nurse was trying to tell me how to stick myself, she told me to use a "dart like motion flick of the wrist", so in doing so, I made the needle go in, and pop back out...haha.  And then I proceeded to yelp: "SHIT!" in front of the nurse, haha.  Yeah, I am smooth.  I got reflexes like a cat, what can I say.  So we had to throw that needle away, and I had to try again.  I am needing to take this medicine to prevent blood clots.  I don't have any yet, we just want to be on the safe side for mine, and the baby's health.  All in all, this is going to take some time getting used to for sure.  I am just glad that I only have to do this for the remainder of the pregnancy.   I took a "bump" photo for a baby forum I am apart of, because Wednesday is "hump day", so today is "Hump Day, Bump Day", and so I shall leave you with that photo.

17 weeks, 5 days.  And yes, I am rockin' the "duck face" and deuces. :)

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