Friday, April 8, 2011

19 weeks...

So unless baby decides to hibernate until 40 weeks, it's safe to say that we are half way through this pregnancy!  I am SUPER excited.  It's like at times I complain that this pregnancy isn't going fast enough (I just already want to be able to hold our baby and see what it looks like), and then other times I look back like WOW, time is flying by!  Today marks the 10th day that I have been taking my Lovenox shots.  I have gotten used to the idea, but I still have to tell myself to "just do it" right before I stick the needle in.  Haha, almost like I give myself a lil' mental nudge.  I can also now officially look down and see belly, haha.  It's sooo crazy!  Nate told me last night how he likes seeing my belly grow because he knows that means the baby is growing and getting bigger!  I personally am having a hard time with my belly growing and this weight gain, because for the past few years, it has always been about losing the weight, and having a smaller stomach.  So, I pretty much just feel "fat", but Nate always reassures me that I am beautiful, and it's all baby.  We will be hopefully finding out the sex of the baby in a couple of weeks!  I am super excited!  Hopefully they will be able to let me know if the Placenta Previa has worked itself out then as well too.  We will be driving to a city an hour away for this appointment, because I am now considered a "high risk pregnancy" with my Factor V, and on base does not deal with that type of pregnancy.  Boooo!  Ermmm...I still haven't felt the baby move.  Mostly gas, haha.  I think the last few nights, I might have felt the baby move because I get this weird feeling below my belly button that I can't describe.  It's not a "flutter" or a "pop", so I dunno.  I am excited for the baby to start kicking and us being able to feel it on the outside.  So, COME ON BABY, DO WORK!  And I guess that is about it for this post.  Sorry if I lack on some...I just forget because there really is nothing eventful going on.

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