Friday, April 22, 2011

21 weeks...

So today our little girl (this makes me smile that I can say that) is 21 weeks old!  I was told yesterday that she weighs about as much as a soda can with some pop in it. :)  I really can't tell you how relieved I am that she is measuring perfectly on track.  That was my biggest concern yesterday was that she was healthy.  Nate and I opted out of the NT testing (it's where they test for things like down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, etc.) because we knew no matter what we would love our child either way, and if something was wrong, we didn't want the added stress the rest of this pregnancy.  We would rather just deal with it if/as the time comes.  It's a preference not for all, but it's ours.  And we still feel like that.  I just hope Breahna stays healthy, and comes out healthy.  I know Nate and I are strong enough to handle whatever comes our way, I just don't want Breahna to have to ever suffer (but then again what parent does?).  Anyways, so because of us opting out of that, it still made me worry (which was the whole point of opting out!), so yesterday eased my mind some. Okay, so enough serious things talk, and onto something more playful.  On the night of the 21st, I was laying in bed, and I always put my hands on belly at night while I'm laying down.  It's kind of my way of "blanketing" the baby, haha.  I am weird in the way I think, so yeah.  Anyways, I thought I felt this VERY slight "thump" on my hand.  So I pushed down with my fingers on the spot where I felt the "thump", and sure enough...another thump (this one more distinct).  So I got all giddy, and had Nate push around and see if he felt anything....and sure enough he did!  So the next day while I was laying on the couch I decided to mess around with the baby, and I felt this super hard thump.  So once again, it was Nate's turn...well he gave her a good lil poke, and all of a sudden he said that he felt this super hard thump, and the weird feeling thing was, I FELT IT TOO THROUGH MY BELLY!  It was sooo crazy.  Haha.  I will just say that it's such so weird to feel movement go on inside your belly.  Last night I must have been pushing down on a shoulder or some type of joint because when I did, I could feel this movement happening on the other side of my belly as well.  Since yesterday, I have been on a shopping spree of sorts, well not spree per say, but I bought some things, haha.  Nate and I decided on a Nursery theme...CUPCAKES!  Who woulda though, eh?!  It was down to that, this quilted look bird theme, some paisley thing, and I forget the other.  In the end, we both ended up liking the colors the best, and I mean, she is our little cupcake, so why not?!  So we bought her bedding online last night, and then went to Hobby Lobby to sort through whatever cupcake decorations they had left from the months ago that I seen them.  We also got the ever so popular "letters to spell out name", to put up above her crib.  They are white, so Nate and I plan on painting them the different colors in her theme sometime.  All we need now is to get the furniture, which will probably be sometime in late May or early June.  We live in a 2 bedroom apt, and the second room right now is our guest room/game room.  Well, we don't really have anywhere to put our computer, futon, and t.v., so I plan on splitting this room up and making one side Bre's, and keeping the other side for all the junk that is in here now.  It's not my ideal baby room, but it will work until HOPEFULLY we can move and get a 3 bedroom or something.  So I will shut up....for now. ;)

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