Friday, April 15, 2011

20 weeks/5 months!

Baby is now the size of a cantaloupe!  WOOT!  I now officially have less months til I am due than actually being due....does that make sense?  Ehh...whatever.  Not including today we have 6 more days until the anatomy scan.  I am praying that everything looks healthy on the baby, and that it will let us see what sex it is!  Giving myself shots STILL sucks, but some days I am getting better.  And I say some days, because some days I still suck and bruise the hell out of myself.  Womp, womp. grandma (or G-Ma as me and my cousins refer to her as) doesn't have the handy dandy internet, so I have to send her all major images (ultra sound scans, etc.) through the good ole' united states postal service.  Anywho, she has yet to see my "bump", so I told her that after today I would send her an image of all my bi-weekly images so she can see the progression.  I am sitting here looking at it, and man oh man is it depressing.  The sad part is I was even smaller before my 12 week photo, and I worked hard on being smaller, and NOW LOOK AT ME!  Blah.  I know it's baby, and I know I'm pregnant, but still...THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT DAMNIT! :)  So for your laughing enjoyment, I have included that photo, plus an image of all my shots so far, because it's random, and I'm cool like that.

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