Friday, June 10, 2011

28 weeks, son!

12 more weeks to go, ahhhh!  Haha.  So I know the whole heartburn=hair is a wives tale, but I am hoping that with all the heartburn I have it makes Bre have  a full luxurious head of hair!  Haha.  The only reason I have heartburn though is because I can't stay away from spicy foods!  I know they are the devil to me, but they are soooo tasty, and I would much rather suffer later hugging my bottle of Tums than not eating them at all!  And that folks would be why I have "stubborn" tattooed on the back of my neck.  True story.  Um...what else...the 27th of this month, we get to go back to my high risk doctor, which I am excited about because that means we will get to see Breahna again, and by then I will be 30 weeks!  WOOT!  I am hoping they do another 3D so I can see what her face will kinda look like!  I am glad now that no matter what I wear, I look pregnant, even big ass t-shirts.  I remember when I used to be sad, because I just felt "fat" in my clothes because I knew I was pregnant, but I knew others wouldn't be able to tell.  But that worrying is all behind me.  OH!  Something I haven't talked about at all yet...I HATE driving and especially being a passenger in a car now!  Why is this you may ask?  Why simply for no other reason than being pregnant.  Like being in a car wreck while pregnant is my biggest fear anymore it seems.  Being a passenger in a car is worse, because I'm not having to pay attention to the road, so I am watching everyone else, and I don't know if you're aware of this, but other people driving= BAD NEWS BEARS!  And poor Nate, I am always making "EEEK!" noises if he doesn't break to my standards of soon enough, or me yelling at him if I don't think he is paying attention to what is in front of him, haha.  He has been a trooper through this whole pregnancy.  It's funny, because I know that in general I am not the easiest person to understand or get along with at times, but somehow he amazes me everyday and puts up with it.  And I know it's even worse now that I am preggo, and OH GOOD LORD when I go into labor, haha.  That is some of the reason that I love that man (he is also pretty much awesome town).  And now to leave you with my fat kid syndrome for the day: Wal-Mart blueberry loaf slices=ROCK MY WORLD!

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