Sunday, June 5, 2011

26 & 27 weeks...

My bad on not blogging for 26 weeks...nothing really eventful I guess, so I just forgot.  Soooo....we are now at 27 weeks, and as of today, only 89 days left to go.  Soooo crazy!  It's like having the last 100 days of school to countdown, except this doesn't involve 3 summer filled months of fun!  Instead, 18+ years of kid town.  It seriously feels like just last week I was peeing on a stick and seeing those 2 pink lines.  These last 6 months really have FLOWN by.  A part of me is excited about that, and a part of me isn't.  I am sooo ready for Breahna to be, but then it will be bittersweet to not be pregnant anymore.  Nate tells me how he is super excited to see what she looks like and to hold her.  I feel very lucky and fortunate to have him as my "baby daddy".  He is going to be am amazing father, and he doesn't even know it!  Haha.  Breahna's nursery is coming together nicely.  Nate and I have been doing some "DIY" decorations, which I think are turning out fairly well.  Once all is complete, I will post pictures up.  We will be going to Ohio the beginning of July for our baby shower.  I'm pretty stoked to be seeing family and friends!  Living out here with Dorthy (I live in KS, remember?!) in the middle of no where really makes you miss people, haha.  The weather has been warmer and the sun has been out, so Bre and I have been getting our tan on!  Well more so me than her, since she is inside my womb, PLUS I make sure my belly has sunscreen on it, haha.  And...I guess that is it for my rambles as of now. :)

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