Saturday, June 18, 2011

29 weeks... late, but whatever.  Let's start this discussion off with the topic of:  belly buttons.  Or, my soon to be lack there of one. :(  I have always been weirded out by "outties" offense to those of you with one.  I have taken pride that I have always had a fairly deep "innie", but this pregnancy is trying to take that pride away from me, and I don't like it!  I took a photo back in April of my belly button, and was sad to notice that is was slowing going from an "innie" to....well I dunno what the final outcome will be, but as of right now it's trying to be flush with my skin.  And then I took one the other day, and sadly, it's still making it's way forward.  I like to name inanimate objects (I am cool like that), so let's call my belly button...Fuzzy.  Has a ring to it, no?!  Well here is a picture of Fuzzy from April, and then another one from now (June):

Sad day for Ashley and Fuzzy ladies and gentlemen.  :(  Haha.  So far, no stretch marks, but I know I am not out of the clear yet, because some women go their WHOLE pregnancy and then like the last week or so they pop up out of no where like an unwanted one night stand at a family funeral!  Um...Breahna's nursery is pretty much complete, but I am going to wait to take pictures until after the baby shower that way I don't have to go back and retake pictures later.  I find myself going in there from time to time, standing around, and just smiling.  I can't believe in like 2 months and some odd days that she will be here.  Speaking of Breahna, let's have a little crash course in her name.  This has kinda been irking me for awhile, so might as well bring it up now.  Her name is BREAHNA, pronounced like Bre-ah-nuh.  We spelled it Breahna knowing that is was different, and hoping that it would help decipher between the great Bre-an-nah...Bre-ah-nuh debate.  Sadly, this is not the case, and people still ask me how to pronounce her name, so there you go folks. :)  ALSO, her name is spelled: B-R-E-A-H-N-A.  Not Brehanna, not Brehana, or whatever other spellings you think it's spelled like.  I guess this just bothers me because it's MY child's name, and if I was unsure of how to spell someone else's child name, I would ask, or try and see if it was spelled anywhere else (I have spelled it numerous times on FB).  I am well aware this is going to come off as bitchy to some, but I promise that in no way am I attempting for that.  So now that the name thing is settled, I don't really have much else to blog about for now.  So, until next week...

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