Wednesday, July 6, 2011

31 weeks, or something like that...

Wowwww....I am late on this.  My apologies! Nate, myself, our dog and our friend ended up driving from Kansas to Ohio over the past weekend to have our baby shower!  We ended up getting a lot of clothes, and between gifts and gift cards Breahna's room is pretty much complete and ready for her!  Being 7 months pregnant and in a car for 11 hours (each way) really wasn't that bad.  We just had to stop more often than normal for me to pee, but no biggie.  It's still boring as HELL sitting in a car for that long.  It was really nice to see family and friends who we haven't seen for 6+ months though.  Our ultrasound went well!  Bre is still a girl, which is a relief, haha.  She has my nose for sure (I wish she had Nate's instead, because I HATE mine, but whatever), and we thought she had Nate's lips, but are unsure.  They look SUPER big, but my aunt says that could just be swelling since that's how babies roll.  We'll see when she makes her debut in the world.  Sleeping has gotten somewhat better, and I can pretty much sleep through the whole night this past week.  I don't know if it's because all of the running around we have been doing or what, but I like it! And....I guess that is pretty much it for now.

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