Saturday, January 8, 2011

6 weeks.

I am now officially into my 6 weeks!  WOOT!  The baby seahorse is gone, and I now feel it looks like a baby seal according to online illustrations, haha.  My urgent bathroom breaks have slowed down a little, and my constant narcolepsy state (as my husband puts it), has also minimized.  The belly itching is still going on.  Still no morning sickness (THANK YOU), and no food cravings.  Chicken always sounds good though, especially fried.  I guess that could be a food craving.  Meh.  Also, last night I sneezed and it made me want some wavy potato chips, haha.  I didn't give in though.  I am trying to stay healthy and not eat "bad" delicious fatty foods.  Before getting preggo, I had lost 30+ lbs before my husband got back from his last deployment.  Now, I am worried about gaining it all back.  I know I need to gain between 25-30 lbs for the baby, so I am trying to eat more than I used to (which shouldn't be hard, cause I used to just eat dinner), but just be healthy about it.  I have started back exercising, which has been a slow and not very productive.  I need to take this opportunity while I can, since after the first trimester I won't be able to exercise like I can now.  It hasn't even been a week since the hubs has left for training, and I am already missing that kid like crazy!  I have kinda become a hermit here in the house.  There is really nothing to do, and people aren't very friendly around here.  Back in NC I knew ALL my neighbors, not here though.  Oh well.  We will see how things go as time progresses.  Til' then, me and lil' baby seal are signing off.

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