Friday, January 14, 2011

7 weeks.

Woot!  7 weeks folks, amazing.  The baby is actually starting to look like a baby!  This means one more week until I get to go to my first doctor's appointment.  Yay!  The baby is now the size of a blueberry.  Mmm, blueberries, haha.  Not much has been happening lately.  I did have to buy Nate new windshield wipers because I accidentally broke one trying to hit the ice/snow off of them on his car.  Oh, I guess that could be something to talk about...SNOW!  We got snow!  I haven't seen a good snowfall like we had since back in Ohio.  I don't mind snow as long as I don't have anywhere to be, and it's actually pretty.  I have had some spotting, which is scary.  According to all my web research, and forums, it's natural.  I just need to watch out for extreme bleeding, and anything else out of the ordinary.  And even though it happens to a lot of women, something could still be wrong.  Good thing I do to the doctors in a week.  I wish it was easier to contact the OB on base here.  Everything is automated though, and seems to only be an appointment type line.  Super dumb.  Fingers crossed that this lil' blueberry is healthy and kicking ass!

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