Sunday, January 16, 2011


Let's take this time to talk food shall we?!  So, I have decided that at the moment, if I was Superman that my kryptonite would be KFC.  Remember before how I said I didn't have cravings?  LIES.  Apparently I do, and I didn't really notice it.  Also, back in NC there was this fast food type Japanese steak house which had AMAZING teriyaki chicken with white sauce.  OHMUHGAWHHH!!!  I could literally eat that stuff every day, and I kinda did for awhile back then, haha.  Anywho, after wanting KFC for the past few weeks, I FINALLY gave in today and got some for dinner.  Mind you, it completely went against my no fast food during pregnancy, but eh...whatcanyado?!  Speaking of badthingsthatashleylovestoeatbutwontallowherselftohave...Dr.Pepper.  It has to be one of my favorite pops (yes I said pop, NOT's a Northerner thing, you wouldn't understand).  Anywho, I decided since I was being bad, that I might as well get that with my meal as well.  To my surprise, it no longer does anything to me.  I'm guessing since all I have been drinking was water, that it ended up being too sugary tasting to me, so I stuck with what I know, which is bottled water. And finally, my second favorite thing about KFC (besides the food), would be...SPORKS!  YAY!  I LOVE me some sporks.  I think they are UBER cute!  Haha, random, but true.  I will leave this post with a picture of my dinner tonight, because I feel that it deserves it. :)

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  1. hahahah i love me some pop too boo boo! I gave up pop too! I havent had any since new years eve bia!!.. An kfc is superrr BAD for u! but whatevs.. its super nom nom nom delicious hahaha.. an sporks?? wowwwwww gina.. you're crazy haha.. u would like u some sporks.. LOLZ! haha