Friday, January 21, 2011

8 weeks!

So today marks 8 weeks for baby!  Super excited, but that means that I had my first doctor appointment today!  YAY!  It was a sad day because Nate is still in training, so couldn't be here, but he didn't miss much.  As of now, I am due Sept. 2nd, and things seem to be on track.  The nurse did a quick ultrasound to make sure baby was doing good since I have had some spotting and was nervous.  Apparently my junk inside my body is all messed up, and it was VERY hard to see anything.  Plus the ultrasound was SUPER grainy.  Her words were that she is almost positive that she seen the heart beat.  She would keep pointing to the screen and be like " do you see that there", and I would be like "no".  Haha.  She showed me the sack, which was obvious cause it was like a black hole amongst the graininess, so I don't know.  If she is certain about it, than so am I.  I know that at only 8 weeks not everyone can see the baby, but I have also seen some ultrasounds at 8 weeks that were amazing looking!  DAMN YOU BODY!  DAMN YOU TO HELL!  I always knew my body was against me, and this proves it.  Maybe the baby was waiting until Nate was here to show itself.  If that is the case, then damn you baby!  Damn you to...errrrr, wait, no.  BLESS YOU BABY! Haha, like it sneezed or something.  I am dumb, and now rambling to probably all of the 0 people who read this blog.  Anywho, I got massive amounts of blood taken today, and I had to pee into one of those little cups (grrr!).  I will go back on February 2nd to hear the heart beat (and I BETTER HEAR IT BABY...DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!), which is exciting cause Nate will be home by then and he will be able to witness it too!  I dunno about "civilian doctors", but here on base they give you this "purple bible" (as my friend Stacey calls it), which has ALL sorts of info in it.  It's kinda like the Military's version of "What to Expect when Expecting"...except it's free, and purple.  It has places to write down things as well such as your appointments, weight, yada...yada.  It's funny because right now I am ecstatic beyond words, all over something that I couldn't even see today and that is the size of a raspberry.  It's the little things in life I tell ya...

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