Friday, January 28, 2011

9 weeks.

Martinis anyone?  Why?  Because, the baby is now the size of a green olive.  GROW BABY, GROW!  So peeing non-stop has come back FULL FORCE!  It died down for awhile, and now for unknown reasons decided to reappear in my life.  And, I am going to be rude and NOT say thank you.  What the hell?!  Is the getting up every few hours to pee during the night my body's way of getting me ready for the baby?!  No bueno.  For convenience purposes Nate and I are switching sides of the bed so I can just roll my preggo ass out of bed and go pee, instead of walking around the bed half asleep.  While it serves a good purpose, I also don't like it because it means I have to sleep closer to the bedroom door.  Okkkaaayyy...short story time.  I do not like to sleep closest to the bedroom door (I'm guessing in fear of if someone breaks in or yada yada they will have a less likely chance of killing me first?!  Haha, sorry Nate I LOVE YOU!), NOR can I sleep with the closet door open (in fear of monsters of course, DUH!).  DON'T JUDGE ME MONKEY (Family Guy reference because I am cool like that)!  My belly itching has subsided, but it's still dry as hell and kinda flaky (SEXY!).  Craving for the time being (BESIDES the previous foods that I have posted about and still want like no other)....CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES!  Oh.  My.  Gawd.  Haha.  In other good news, Nate will be home tomorrow!  So stoked.  A month away from him has sucked HUGE balls.  Like Jolly Green Giant sized balls, and heck, let's make them green even!  Tuesday will be our appointment to hear the baby's heart beat, so fingers crossed! :)

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